I've recently become a fan of my own moustache. It's been a strange affair up until this point in life, it often lingering about due to sheer lazy ambitions from myself. When it vacates the premises, it leaves a bare and baron feeling on my upper lip and on my upper lip's heart. We still don't have a harmonious relationship. I'm rooting for it from the side-lines in secret. Maybe one day we'll see eye to eye.

*No warning next time. Don't get use to it

These past few days have been great.

Traveling is fun, both to think about and do. New sights and sounds are always available and one doesn't have to look too far find them. I made a deal with myself to get out of the house once a month to venture into unfamiliar places and so far I've been successful. I haven't been home in about a month this past trip, I'm that balls deep. I'm still processing it all but its been a fun and wild adventure. I've been to places that I haven't thought to of visit, other places I always wanted to go as well as places I've never known to exist. Go hard in the paint. If I don't do anything with my life, at least I can say I saw things.

I just finished watching ParaNorman and geez louise did I enjoy it. Within the first moments of the film I was choking up and/or giggling like a schoolyard kid, hiding under the slide whispering "bad words" like butthead and poop to myself as if I circumvented some system that prevented me from saying such words in adult presence. I have a symbiotic attachment towards cartoons and the like.

The second time I was about to leave California "for good", my friends decided to take me to visit Disneyland. It had been nearly 10 years since my last visit so I was sure to have a grand time. During the middle of the day, we decided to hop over to California Adventure. We made a beeline to a Karl Strauss cart where beers were ordered and consumed. Then we headed to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (it was super fun - it was super short). Before leaving California Adventure we popped into the Animation Building. I think we spent an absurd amount of time there considering there wasn't much to do in the building other than gawk at the amazing work of animated features from many childhoods. I walked to the back of the building and was mesmerized by the Toy Story zoetrope they had on display. When it activated, I became a smiling idiot. We were there for maybe 30 minutes, and the zoetrope is probably only a 2 minute affair, then it resets. Again. And Again...

The rest of the day my mind was in the clouds, imagining things and thinking about Woody and Jesse. I'll visit them again soon.

Time is a funny concept, defined yet inexplicable. Days are days, months are months, and the meaning of a year is that of one full rotation of the earth around the sun. The earth grants everyone a "do-over" on the next pass. Starting tomorrow, we'll be on our two thousand thirteenth re-do in the common era. I don't want to "re-do" anything. Instead I made a list of things I'd like to do.

  1. Wear more hats
  2. Suck less
  3. Get outside more
  4. Read
  5. Live
  6. Make something

I'm not going to call this setting the bar low. I like the adjective "accessible". It makes the whole thing more... accessible.